Practice Experience for Efficient Resolution

Our attorneys try cases, handle arbitrations, litigate, negotiate, analyze, and communicate. At the heart of the matter, for us it is all about understanding our clients’ business and keeping our clients informed. We are strong believers in creating a plan for each matter designed to arrive at an efficient and effective resolution. Most cases in the United States settle, as do most of ours. When a case must be tried, our trial lawyers relish the opportunity – whether it is a two day trial to the bench or a sixteen week jury trial. Whether the amount in controversy is hundreds of millions of dollars or a smaller sum, our experience, communication skills, and use of cutting edge technology position us to achieve the winning result.

Langley LLP’s trial practice involves actually trying cases, which is a rarity given vanishing trials, especially before a jury. We have experience from one day bench trials to 12 week jury trials with a four week pretrial with the judge. Accordingly, whether the matter involves less than a $100,000 or in excess of $100,000,000, our experience runs the gamut. We have tried, arbitrated, and managed appraisal proceedings for various complex matters. Our strategic plan of action in handling litigation matters is to prepare for trial from inception. While 98% of civil matters in the United States ultimately settle, the best settlement only occurs by being prepared for trial.